2020 Q4 Seminars

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#day 1

October 2020
8:30 AM PT

The Hifi Summit Q4 Begins

Here we go again! We promise an even better experience this time. Open access to the entire site starts now.
Joe "Joe N Tell" Mariano
9:00 AM PT

Primare | Terry Medalen

Terry Medalen from Primare will discuss their electronics design philosophy.
Terry Medalen, Marketing Manager, Primare
11:00 AM PT

Parasound | Joe Finn

Joe Finn from Parasound talks about how to choose an amplifier for home theater
Joe Finn, Regional Sales, Marketing, Training, Parasound
2:00 PM PT

OSD Black | Simon Spears

Simon Spears from OSD Black Discusses the use of in-wall speakers for home theater.
Simon Spears, Sales Director at Audio Gear Group
4:00 PM PT

Cherry Amp | Tommy O'Brien

Tommy O’Brien talks about what’s new at Cherry Amplifiers and what makes his designs different.
Tommy O’Brien, Founder of Digital Amplifier Company (Cherry Amplifier)
6:00 PM PT

HiFi Night | After Party with DJ Channa D

DJ Channa De Silva, aka Techno Dad, will be playing the test tracks that he uses when reviewing speakers on his popular YouTube channel. Listen on your own system as he explains what he’s looking for in each track. Does your system hold up?
DJ Channa De Silva aka Techno Dad

#day 2

October 2020
9:00 AM PT

PSB Speakers | David Dunn

David Dunn from PSB Speakers talks about what to look for when purchasing budget bookshelf speakers.
David Dunn, Technical Sales and Training, Lenbrook
11:00 AM PT

NAD Electronics | David Dunn

David Dunn talks about NAD’s home theater AVR’s with DIRAC.
David Dunn, Technical Sales and Training, Lenbrook
1:00 PM PT

Sonic Presence | Chris Van Deusen

Chris Van Deusen discusses recording spatial audio using their new mics.
Chris Van Deusen, Managing Partner, Sonic Presence
3:00 PM PT

Wharfedale | Jamie O'Callaghan

Jamie O’Callaghan talks about new products at Wharfedale.
Jamie O’Callaghan, Global Sales & Marketing Director at IAG Group Ltd.
5:00 PM PT

Hip Hop Night | After Party with DJ ChannA D

Real. Hip. Hop. “If you don’t know, now you know…” DJ Channa De Silva aka Techno Dad will put you up on game today.
DJ Channa De Silva aka Techno Dad

#day 3

October 2020
10:00 AM PT

Valencia Theater Seating | Carrie Russell

Carrie Russell talks about home theater seating options and things to consider when buying theater seats.
Carrie Russell, Marketing, Valencia Home Theater Seating
1:00 PM PT

MoFi Electronics | Jonathan Derda

Jon Derda discusses MoFi Highlights: New turntable, MoFi LS3/5a, records and more.
Jonathan Derda, National Sales & Marketing Manager
3:00 PM PT

Larsen Speakers | Michael Vamos

Michael Vamos from Audio Skies, distributor for Larsen speakers, talks about Stig Carlsson’s speaker design philosophies.
Michael Vamos, Audio Skies, Larsen Speakers Distributor
5:00 PM PT

80's Mash Up | After Party with DJ ChannA D

If you love 80’s tunes, you’ll want to tune in for DJ Channa De Silva’s ’80s Mash-up set. Let’s go Techno Dad!
DJ Channa De Silva aka Techno Dad

#day 4

October 2020
10:00 AM PT

ELAC Americas | Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones of ELAC Americas is one of the most well-known speaker designers today. Here’s your chance to get your questions answered by the man himself.
Andrew Jones, VP of Engineering, ELAC Americas
12:00 PM PT

SVS | Nick Brown & Larry McGough

SVS is known for making great subwoofers and home theater speakers. Nick Brown and Larry McGough are here to discuss all things SVS.
Nicholas Brown, VP of Marketing at SVS | Larry McGough, National Training Manager at SVS
4:00 PM PT

Kanto Audio | Jason Zavarella

Jason Zavarella from Kanto Audio.
Jason Zavarella, Product Manager at Kanto Audio
6:00 PM PT

House Music | After Party with DJ Channa D

There’s a reason they call him Techno Dad! Want to hear some of the best house music? Tune in for DJ Channa De Silva!
DJ Channa De Silva aka Techno Dad

#day 5

October 2020
10:00 AM PT

Attendee System Tours | Audio Community

It’s your turn to show us your system! Don’t even bother cleaning up. #showusyourjunk! Take the opportunity to share ideas and learn from other audio enthusiasts. Share your own tips & tricks.

Exclusive to attendees only.
The Hi-Fi Summit 2020 Q4 Attendees Only
4:00 PM PT

Recap of The Hi-Fi Summit 2020 Q4

Thank you for joining us on this first Summit! See you in 2021!
The Daily HiFi Crew: Joe N Tell, Techno Dad, Youthman
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