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Reach a new audience worldwide

An entirely new demographic is anxiously waiting to hear about your products. Your loyal fans are here too. Make it all happen at The HiFi Summit. We’re international too!
46% of visits come from outside the US.

Reach the younger demographic. They’re here!


of our visitors are between the ages 35-54

Bridging the Gap

Live Seminars

Speak to an interested and engaged audience. Your seminars have lasting power and can be watched long after the event has ended.
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Speak with buyers, dealers, and distributors. Discover and connect with content creators who can put your products in front of millions of viewers.
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Follow Up

Relationships begin at The HiFi Summit and they continue beyond the event. We make it easy to share contact info so you can continue the conversation.
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Increase sales

Communication is the first step to earning a sale.

Build an Online Presence

What you create at The HiFi Summit remains accessible on the site after the event.

Reach a New Audience

They’re ready to learn about your product offerings.

Connect with Your Fans

They would love to hear from you.

Contact us

Get in touch via phone, email, or the form on the right. We can schedule an online demo of our platform.

The next available dates for an online demo:
• Tuesday, June 8th 1pm PT
• Wednesday, June 9th 1pm PT


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