2 channel version of our x-CHerry multi-channel amplifier series, which includes 2-CHerry, 3-CHerry, 4-CHerry, and 5-CHerry. Available in standard and KING (faceplate, Gold WBT posts) versions.

Features and Specifications:
* 400Wpc into 4Ω
* 200Wpc into 8Ω
* 1000W max total output
* 118dB SNR
* 0.002% THD+N
* 100 kHz bandwidth
* 20kΩ input impedance
* DC Coupled end-to-end (no bass phase shift)
* True Balanced end-to-end
* Triple rail caps on all 2-CHerry and 3-CHerry
* Double rail caps on all 4-CHerry and 5-CHerry
* Wideband high damping factor
* Channel Independent Auto Sleep
* That amazing Sweet Cherry Sound!
* Standard version: 12 lbs, 14″ x 10″ x 5″
* KING version: 15 lbs, 17″ x 10.5″ x 5″
* Standard 2-CHerry list price: $2490


The 2-CHerry is the two channel version of our new multi-channel amplifier series. It has triple rail capacitance and powers the channels through Power Pipes™ and channel independent filters to prevent inter-channel interference. The channel boards are the same as used in our Desktop Maraschino monoblock amplifiers. Noise and distortion are extremely low for a black background, and this amplifier has super low wideband output impedance for excellent control over even the most difficult speakers. This amplifier also offers adequate drive power for inefficient speakers. The sound quality can be described as airy and smooth. The bass doesn’t suffer from phase shift because this amp is DC coupled. It can be used to complete a very special yet very simple audio system with no preamp and 100% DC coupling all the way from the source data to the speaker. This can be accomplished using a DC-coupled DAC such as our 130dB+ Cherry DAC DAC 2 HS to drive the 2-CHerry. We also offer 8-foot 9-gauge equivalent ultra-flexible MEGA Snake speaker cable with banana ends for only $90/ch when you purchase a Cherry Amplifier. Using super low resistance speaker cables assures high damping factor.

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