DALI Rubicon 6 C Floor Standing Powered Speaker

DALI Rubicon 6 C Floor Standing Powered Speaker

– With a focus on zero loss, no latency and easy setup, the wireless connection only requires power to be fully working, which means easy change of setup and no installation of audio cords. The wireless connection between RUBICON C and the Sound HUB will even work without any Wi-Fi signal active, due to the direct connection between the units.
– With a pole piece constructed entirely from SMC, surrounded by a slitted copper cap, and enclosed within a large ferrite magnet, the effect of the SMC is focused and maximised, and reduces distortion as never heard before.
– With a clear heritage from our high-end series, the lightweight dome tweeter offers best in class resolution.
– Using a wood fibre cone gives the in-house build woofer a light, rigid and randomly uneven membrane. Making it easy to move ensures even piston like movements and reduces the possibility of surface resonance greatly.

The RUBICON 6 C is part of a 'best in class' active speakers system with a powerful driver construction that teams up to move a lot more air and reach even lower into the deep bass region. The floorstanding speaker has an extremely stable wireless connection using its own proprietary network. Featuring two 250 watts musical Class D amplifiers in each speaker, there is plenty of power to ensure more than enough sound pressure even in complex musical passages or massive explosions in movies.

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