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AIX Records is a specialty music label that produces and sells new, high-resolution music recordings on discs and via, the company's download site. Each disc contains video of the performance, bonus tracks, interviews, photos, and three discrete mixes: stereo, 5.1 stage, and 5.1 audience. The AIX Records catalog has won numerous awards for the quality of the recordings. Recorded in a live chamber music auditorium, all musicians, and singers are captured simultaneously with real reverberation, no EQ, and no dynamic processing. Founder, owner, and chief engineer, Dr. Mark Waldrep, authored the definitive book on high-audio in 2018 titled "Music and Audio: A User Guide to Better Sound." He is currently working on another book, "A User Guide to Streaming, Downloads, and Personal Audio." Audio fidelity doesn't get any better than this...


AIX Records has recorded an d released 80 new, high-resolution, award-winning albums f rom artists as diverse as Rita Coolidge, Kamasi Washington, Paul Willliams, Willie Nelson, and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. Each album has video, multiple mixes, and 96/24 PCM audio.

Music and Audio: A User Guide To Better Sound
Described as "the Gold Standard", this 900-page book on high-end audio covers important topics including MQA, audio formats, equipment, cables, and advice from experts.

AIX Records Albums
The AIX catalog includes Blu-ray and DVD-Audio/Video discs as well as downloads.

A User Guide to Streaming, Downloads, and Personal Audio
A new book on the emerging worlds of high-res streaming, digital downloads, and personal audio.


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The Myth of Hi-Res Audio: A Perception Survey

Mark Waldrep - AIX Records

I have spent 8 months researching the perceptibility of hi-res audio by allowing 1800 audiophiles to downloads 40 files and try to identify which is HD and which is CD fidelity.

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