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Dayton Audio’s experienced team of designers places a high value on technical excellence, product reliability, and consistency of electro-acoustical performance. Our 20+ years of inspired, rational engineering has led to international acclaim by the loudspeaker community in particular.


Dayton Audio offers a wide range of products consisting of amplifiers, home theater speakers, digital signal processors, distributed audio systems, architectural speakers, indoor/outdoor speakers, raw drivers, speaker components, and calibrated mics just to name a few. Dayton Audio combines real-world design with high-tech manufacturing techniques. We take great pride in our commitment to innovation, value, and quality.

DSP-LF Low Frequency DSP Controller
Easily integrate the DSP-LF into an existing audio system and take control over your bass response all from your smart mobile device.

MK442T 4" 2-Way Transmission Line Tower Speaker Pair
The MK442Ts utilize a quarter wave transmission line enclosure. This proven loudspeaker technology makes it possible to produce deep articulate bass with smaller drivers and lower profile enclosures.

DTA-2.1BT2 100W 2.1 Class D Bluetooth Amplifier with Sub Frequency Adjustment
The DTA-2.1BT2 amplifier provides clean Class D power from an extremely compact and lightweight design. Enough power for most speakers and is also able to power a passive subwoofer.


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  1. Ismael

    Hello Dayton Audio: how about a discount code for drivers during the Summit. Cheers, have been a customer for years of PE

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