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KCC Scientific LLC provides ultra high precision, selectable 50-60Hz, 115-230V frequency and voltage converters designed to provide clean power to audio anywhere in the world. KCC converters will power your audio equipment regardless of country of origin, while providing the ultimate in power conditioning. To learn more about audio applications with KCC converters visit our blogs at: https://www.kccscientific.com/blog/. Our engineers, scientists and partners have been developing highly sophisticated electronic solutions for instrumentation, consumer, oil and gas as well as photonic applications for many decades. Our experience, insight and attention to detail have given way to the products you will find on our website. We take great pride in offering innovative, high precision, reliable products at an economical price. To get in touch with us, visit here: https://www.kccscientific.com/contact/ Made in the USA

Clean Power Anywhere. The Professional Series Voltage and Frequency Converters, will power your audio equipment regardless of country of origin or rated voltage.

Ultimate Power Conditioners: The Professional Series, acts as the ultimate power conditioner, precision frequency and voltage converter, and AC regulator—all in one clean, attractive package. These units provide complete mains power reconstruction and are not line filters or regenerators.

Mercury - Audio
Up to 1000 Watts Output, US and EU outlets, Wide base for component stacking, Coming soon

Up to 200 Watts Output, Selectable 50.0000Hz or 60.0000Hz, 115V-AC or 230V-AC, Cleanly powers pro audio

100 Watts Output, Ideal for Braun record players, turntables and vintage audio


The Evolution of Powering Audio: Power Conditioning, Regeneration to Mains Reconstruction.

Ken Reindel, KCC Scientific LLC

We take it for granted. We plug our high-performance audio systems into it. The playback pitch of our turntables, tape players, and studio systems depend on it. Of course, we’re talking about the ever-increasing aberrations of our mains power line delivered to us through our convenient wall outlets. Ken will discuss the evolution of powering audio—power conditioning, regeneration to mains reconstruction. Important concepts to consider for discerning audiophiles searching for clean power for precision high-end audio.

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