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NEUMITECH designs speakers for the budget-conscious music lover who wants a pair of simple, affordable, yet great sounding speakers.

Our first speaker is the BS5. With classic styling cues, the BS5 is attractive yet unassuming, making it a great fit for the home, office, or garage. Tuned for a neutral sound signature, you will love its balanced sound with excellent midrange dynamics and superior bass extension.

Front Ported Enclosure

The BS5’s enclosure utilizes rounded vertical corners to reduce baffle diffraction. Its front-ported design allows placement right up against a wall to maximize bass output. The magnetic grill system eliminates unsightly mounting holes.

1-Inch Silk Tweeter

The outcome of countless hours of design refinement, the BS5’s tweeter produces a smooth, extended, and predictable treble response with the help of its integrated waveguide. The result is music full of accurate detail and precise imaging.

5-Inch Fiberglass Woofer

Made with a combination of rigid lightweight fiberglass cone and supple rubber surround, the BS5’s woofer is tuned for a great balance of bass and midrange output, doing so with exceptionally low distortion at normal listening levels.

Advanced Crossover Design

Starting with measurements, followed with tuning by ear, the BS5’s crossover design is part science and part art. The result is a harmonious transition between the woofer and tweeter, with excellent alignment in terms of frequency and time.


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