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In 1972 change was everywhere. In our appearance. In our attitude. In our music. It was an era when the live show evolved into a milestone, selling out stadiums and inspiring a new generation with a mindblower of a soundtrack. Our founders set out to capture the wonder of the live concert experience and bring it home. Throughout the decades since, we've continued making speakers to elevate all aspects of sound—in movies, TV and music—to provide you with the ultimate listening experience that's always accessible.

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Success in this business relies on weathering time's endless changes with a cool head and a giving heart. It's this approach that's allowed us to produce countless new speaker products since our inception—all the while delighting homes across this great nation and beyond. Because… we know sound. It's our only focus. And as we continue researching, engineering and innovating toward new sonic revelations, you can trust that our intentions always will uphold the principles of real American HiFi. Because this isn't just a job—it’s a privilege based on what audio should deliver: Great sound for everyone

Polk Legend L800 SDA speakers
The only TRUE Stereo speaker in the world. Dont believe us, go listen.

Polk Legend L600
Traditional stereo towers featuring Polks new flagship transducers

Polk Legend L200
Standmount speakers utilizing Polks new flagship transducers


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DTS:X and IMAX enhanced: Proper speaker positioning for optimal performance

Bronson Gannon, Global Brand Manager, Polk Audio and Boston Acoustics at Sound United

DTS:X and IMAX enhanced: Proper speaker positioning for optimal performance


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  1. Ismael

    Hello Polk: I am a customer since 1993. Still have a pair of LS-50 towers and a pair of 6 1/2 DB coax in the car. Cheers

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