Valencia Theater Seating

Who Are We?

We combine comfort and style to provide out customers with the most luxurious seats possible. Founded in 1995 by Italian-Canadian Christophe Alexander. He founded this company with a special passion for combining unique European design with classic American comfort. With his vision our company has grown to create some of the most luxurious home theater chairs available. All of our chairs are designed to ensure that they can give whoever sits in them the best experience possible.

Product(s) Summary

Our company sells top of the line home theater seating. Our chairs are careful designed in order to foster body alignment and a healthy posture. All while looking incredibly stylish.

Our flagship model. Provides maximum comfort with lots of features.

Provides you with unparalleled comfort while looking incredible with its quilted design.

Tuscany Console
Provides all the comfort of the Tuscany while also giving you somewhere to place food and drinks.


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Location: CA

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