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Vanatoo is the brainchild of two engineers, whose passion for music and technology led them down the entrepreneurial path. Vanatoo's Powered Speakers lead the industry in terms of sound quality, connecivity, and ease of use. Nothing sounds better or works better for the money!

Vanatoo Wireless Powered Speakers

Vanatoo brings the sensibilities of high-end audio to the mass market level. Our wireless powered speakers give a taste of high-end goodness in a format that is uncluttered, easy to use, and affordable. Loving music has never been easier!

Vanatoo Transparent One Encore
Powered speakers with Bluetooth, Analog, USB, Coax, and Optical inputs. Tight bass into the 40Hz range, clean crisp mids and highs.

Vanatoo Transparent Zero
Powered speakers for desktop and small to midsized living spaces. Bluetooth, Analog, USB, and Optical inputs. Solid bass, great sound, and tons of features!


Connect and learn with industry veterans. 

Let's talk about it! Something to do with speaker design...

Gary Gesellchen of Vanatoo

How we get such great bass and overall sound from such small and affordable speakers.


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  1. MrIncredible

    Great talk! Thank-you for presenting! I had no idea you were based out of Seattle. Hello from the East Side!

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