GamuT RS 5i

GamuT RS 5i

Brand new custom-built drivers, created in collaboration with world-leading driver experts to deliver phenomenal dynamic response
1 x 1.5” tweeter: ring radiator, silk cone, neodymium magnet
1 x 7” mid-range: sliced paper cone, impregnated with a bespoke blend of natural oils
2 x 7″ woofer: paper cone, with GamuT solid wood dust cap for superior pistonic performance
Drive units meticulously phase-aligned for pin-sharp soundstaging and flawless timing
3-way phase and impulse linear crossover design with DC coupled mid-range
Crossover points 350 Hz & 2,250 Hz
Crossover features superlative quality copper and silver capacitors from Danish experts Jantzen Audio

Highly complex body showcases a new system of internal spacing, in which the mid-range and woofer chambers are semi-separated by bespoke acoustic filters, thus maximising the openness and dynamic response of the mid-range
21-28 layers (varies by section) of sustainably-sourced hand-selected real wood veneers, form-pressed into solid wood panels
Curved shape and rear tilt designed for superior sonic performance
Complex internal bracing strategically positioned to enable dynamic musicality
Minimal but optimum internal damping
2 x 5mm brass and stainless steel rear-mounted ports precisely tuned for optimum impulse response
Custom-designed front-face protects drivers while ensuring no acoustic obstruction

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Neumi BS5

Neumi BS5

  • Designed for the budget-conscious music lover who wants a pair of simple, affordable, yet great sounding speakers.
  • Due to its passive design, the BS5 requires a separate amplifier or receiver in order to play audio from a TV, computer, or record player.
  • 5-Inch Fiberglass Woofer With Rubber Surround: Made with a combination of rigid lightweight fiberglass cone and supple rubber surround, the BS5’s woofer has been tuned to offer a great balance of bass and midrange output, doing so with exceptionally low distortion at normal listening levels.
  • 1-Inch Silk Dome Tweeter with Waveguide: The outcome of countless hours of design refinement, the BS5’s tweeter produces a smooth, extended, and predictable treble response with the help of its integrated waveguide. The result is music full of accurate detail and precise imaging.
  • The BS5’s enclosure utilizes rounded vertical corners to reduce baffle diffraction. Its front-ported design allows placement right up against a wall. The magnetic grill system eliminates unsightly mounting holes.
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OSD Audio Nero Studio5 Bookshelf Monitor Speaker Pair

OSD Audio Nero Studio5 Bookshelf Monitor Speaker Pair

• Includes a 5.25” woofer for deep and immersive mid-range and bass tones
• 1” silk dome tweeter serves up crisp and clear high-end frequencies
• Enclosure includes a vinyl wrap that simulates wood grain so these speakers will look elegant in any room décor
• Small but powerful enclosure fits easily in any space

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YU Powered Bookshelf Speakers

YU Powered Bookshelf Speakers

1 inch Silk Dome tweeters
4 inch Kevlar® drivers
Class D Amplifier
4 Ohms Nominal Impedance
140W Peak Power (70 Watts Total RMS)
650 mV Input Sensitivity
2-way Crossover System
2.0 kHz Crossover Frequency
60 Hz – 20 kHz Frequency Response
Bluetooth® 4.2 with Qualcomm® aptX™
RCA input
Subwoofer output
Active to Passive Knurled Speaker Binding Posts
AC 100V – 240V 50/60 Hz universal power supply
Auto-Standby Mode with Auto Startup
Acoustic grade MDF rear ported cabinets
1/4″-20 threaded hole on bottom for mounting

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